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I am inspired by nature, architecture, and music. Art to me is emotion, love, passion, desire, beauty, and intensity. I was born in New Iberia, Louisiana in 1975. I grew up in Ruston and Goldonna, Louisiana. Growing up in the countryside of central Louisiana and the northern small, university town of Ruston, La. I learned about nature, music, and books. Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated with wildlife, gardens, poetry, philosophy, and epistemology (the study of the nature, origin, and scope of knowledge). Within my art life I wish to inspire through art and music and show the geometries of the natural world as well as the abstract shapes, colors, and forms derived from emotion. I am a pastel artist, an acrylic painter, and a digital artist. I studied color theory at Laney College, Oakland, Ca. in 1999, architecture and drawing at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture from 1995-1999, and began drawing in charcoal and creating pastels in 1999.  I also learned architectural photography in Paris, France in 1996. Most of my works are of impressionist and abstract landscapes, digital paintings and pastel abstracts. I have experimented with lots of mediums and styles, including experimenting with collage and oil painting. Although I have created hundreds of digital pieces, from my experiences I have discovered I enjoy doing pastels the most! Through my love for geometries, textures, and patterns in nature, architecture, and experimentation, it is my goal to continue learning and improving upon my knowledge of art in order to share it with you and hopefully inspire you to do the same.
Exhibits and Competitions
2021  Awarded Outstanding Pastel in the BoldBrush Art Contest and Exhibit, February 2021, “Abstract No. 9” from the collection, The Red Series, 2021. Juror: Aaron Westerberg, BoldBrush Signature Artist & a member of the [...]

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