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My paintings are inspirations that come from the things I love the most in nature. There is meaning behind my choice of subjects and the way it makes me feel. These are the moments in life that bring me joy. While creating the work I want to express this in the paintings, ranging from a sense of beauty and grace of the subject..
While my paintings have depicted a variety of subjects, it is avian subjects that are closest to my heart. There is much about bird life that compels me to paint them, from their diverse colors, patterns, and textures to their varied behaviors and habitats.
In my career as and artist, I found watercolor to be the most enjoyable medium as well as the most challenging, however sometimes I do wander back to oil for a change. I love the result both mediums provide. Beautiful strong colors are my favorite style. While the mediums are completely opposite in thought and process. Accomplishing the expressions to wish to convey is the reward.
Mostly, I wish for the viewer to lose themselves in my work for just a little while and experience some of what has always given my pleasure about nature.
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