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What Do I believe And Perceive Art? Myself? To Be?

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Tourette's at age 7. At that time Tourette's was considered an orphan disease, which required research to even know anything about it; not all doctors knew or understood it. As the mother of a child with Tourette Syndrome I quickly became an advocate in the area where I lived. In addition to being an advocate for this disease, I have been an advocate for Domestic Abuse in the 1980's by developing a support group called The Parenting Connection. After a year of running the program at a local church in Dexter Maine I was invited to be on the Penquis Abuse Counsel of Maine, and given a certificate of recognition by Parents Anonymous of Maine. Parents Anonymous came to see my model from as far away as Massachusetts. The reason being that my new modality encompassed child care which was rare to find, a period of “topic for discussion” which was developed according to needs of the group, this did not exist in other counseling sessions. I was supported by a certified counselor who did sessions. Those giving the Topic for Discussion talked of such topics as child development, the importance of oral care, assertiveness training and taught the S.T.E.P. Program for parents; these individuals embraced being involved with the group. I learned something important here. That I could bring people together for a good cause; that I could research, develop something that would have a good outcome for other people. My biggest desire has been to help others and make a difference in the world at large. The development of Shibui Found Image Art seems just the ticket as it will help people mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can create art related [...]

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