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As an artist, Peggy began her career with a passion for art after making sure all  of 5 of her children were in college. Along this journey as for many if not all throughout life, obstacles do come up. Peggy survived a long battle with cancer and has lived to tell about through her artwork. Her passion, her strength and her heart show true.
After surviving her battle with cancer, Peggy chose to accomplish her lifelong goal in education of studying and completing her degree in Fine Arts Photography in San Francisco.  Then along her journey, after more than 35 years of expressing herself in the photography medium she decided to branch out to other areas of painting including acrylics and mixed media. As a self-taught artist in these fields, Peggy had no guidelines to follow. This being said, her art was never right nor wrong, it was simply strictly from the heart and as she Painted with Passion. In this case, this became Peggy's strength and adds to her passion with every art project she works on today as she truly enjoys most in life
Peggy has been working with Alcohol Inks since 2017 and has found the medium to be very complex since it is so different from other forms of art. Alcohol Ink dries almost in seconds. When poured on a "non-porous" surface it begins a journey only the artist can control by moving the combinations or a single color around and blending them in an image true art lovers will cherish. Remember, whatever medium you pursue you must have passion in your creations. And here today, Peggy has Passion and she looks forward to hearing from you.
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