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The ability to express myself artistically is a gift and a love.  Making my subjects come to life on watercolour paper, pastel paper or Masonite gives me enjoyment and great satisfaction. I work in a variety of media and subjects. Oil, which I prefer, requires a great deal of patience due to the time-consuming elements involved in preparation, numerous thin applications and extensive drying time on the Masonite board.  I normally work on 5 paintings at a time, this allows each painting to dry. When my work is going well, I lose all sense of time and I slip into a world of shapes, colour, light, reflective light, shadows and negative space.  I hope that my art encourages the viewer to stop for a moment and see, not so much what I see, but what speaks to them. Friends who view my paintings often ask me the stories behind the paintings.  I enjoy telling them, because those stories cannot be illustrated in the painting and every painting has a story. The painting only represents a moment in time.
My first experience as an artist was in Washington State when I was in the second grade. I won first place for my drawing of a flower.  My next experience was many, many, many years later.  I was working in the corporate world and had the urge to try painting.  My first portrait won an Honorable Mention Ribbon at the Colorado Artist Convention. I also won a Grumbacher Bronze Plaque for a pastel portrait.  This encouraged me to start taking anatomy and painting classes at The Art Students League of Denver.
For the next 5 years I took many classes and entered art shows. But once again it was necessary for me to enter the corporate world. I was unable to dedicate full time to [...]

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