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I believe viewers finish  a painting using their intelligence, experience, beliefs and emotion.


An artist speaks from personal experiences, knowledge, and beliefs and rarely gets to "see" the finished piece. The work is completed by the viewer's own imagination and intelligence.

Short Version
A native Texan with an Associates Fine Art degree, I have painted full-time since 1999. I am hooked on the process of trying to place my vision of something on a canvas. I want to help viewers see things in a new way. Seeing through an artist’s eye is thrilling beyond words. What a gift that is. Here's an example of why I paint. In Rockport TX, I was with a group of  artists painting in a boat yard. One of the workers stopped by to watch. He said, " I never knew it was beautiful."  I hope my paintings change the way people understand their world.
Wherever I am, I prefer to paint from life and I am inspired by painting outside (plein aire) or interiors/still life inside. My style might be called “painterly realism”. A love for travel has taken me to wonderful locations—domestic and foreign--to paint and I have a treasure of reference photos from those trips.
Workshop teachers who have influenced me include: Ann Templeton, Gay Faulkenberry, Quang Ho, Scott Burdick, Ray Vinella, and Dick Turner. The legacies of Chase, Sargent, Sorolla, Bongart, Fechin, and scores of others live and inspire through images and the written word. I am a member of the following: Outdoor Painters Society, American Impressionist Society, American Women Artists, Houston Plein Air Painters, Galveston Art League.
Long Version
Until the age of ten, I mostly lived with my grandparents. They were hard-working and their home was simple with little decoration and no art. Travel was not in the budget. I don’t remember drawing or having drawing tools as a child or teenager. I didn’t miss these things because they were [...]

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