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The Artist Says:

How far must we travel before we realize we are already there.

Collectors Say:

Peggy, I find your website to be the most fasinating place to get lost in dreams and imagination. Your paintings are absolutely breathtaking!  Everyone should be allowed to enjoy your incredible talent!  Linda Wilde

Dealers Say:

 Denise Williams SFAW

Other Artists Say:


 I've been painting for more than half of my life. Prior to that music was my choice of expression. But when I did pick up my first brush I was hooked. I fell in love with watercolors and sold my very first paintings right out of the framer's shop. That encouraged me and pushed me onward. 
I spent the next 10 years studying, painting and selling at art shows and galleries throughout the northwest United States. In the late 1980's I started Sierra Artist's Association in Reno, NV. In the early 90's I opened up "Two Sisters Gallery" in Reno, NV. It was a working gallery where I had so many wonderful artists and teachers. We taught everything from paper making to advanced oil painting. It was in my gallery that I was introduced to oils. Saying that I’m a self-taught artist seems diluted and an incorrect statement. Not having a degree in art does not reflect the hours I have studied and been taught by the masters, read from great scholars on art history or instructed by more experienced artists on the uses and applications of all the mediums. Nor does it reflect the tuition I have paid for this education. I would say being self-taught for me has meant the same as home teaching my youngest son. Being self-motivated and having the ability to self-educate oneself certainly holds water for those of us who do poorly in a classroom environment.

What I do stand on is being authentic. I've always felt that it was cheating to use other artist's techniques. Correct or not I need to be authentic. My work is now in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and China. 
How does my art affect you? Does it make you smile or raise your blood pressure? Does it make [...]

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