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Growing up in New Zealand gave me a childhood full of rich memories which included gorgeous landscapes and horses. As a young girl I was obsessed with horses, riding them, drawing them and pretending to be them! What a dream come true that the neighborhood Pony Club was practically in my backyard, we could wander around and be with the horses whenever we liked.
My interest in photography started at a young age, I began photographing rugged seasides and horses in my teen years. I was lucky to have parents that occasionally had work obligations in Fiji, the beauty of the South Pacific was always inspiring and  I would somehow manage to find a horse in whatever remote area we would be in. 

Returning to the US for university, I was living in Arizona when I met acclaimed photographer Phyllis Lane who went on to mentor me and helped me master my technique and develop my style further.  I started professionally photographing people and eventually narrowed my focus to only horses. It’s now been almost twenty years since starting my career as a photographer.
I have a minimalist style that results in images that are powerful and emotionally pull the viewer into the piece. Sometimes I focus on a detail of the horse and at other times his place in the landscape. Working with horses in their natural environment brings a raw beauty to the image.
Most of my images are shot in Arizona, Colorado, California and New Mexico using the beautiful light and landscapes of the Southwest . I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and the charming town of Rico, Colorado.


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