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Peggy Lynn Bishop was raised in Dayton, Ohio, and credits her artist-mother, Marilyn Bishop, for encouraging and nurturing her artistic talents at a young age. 

“It just had to look real.”  That was the driving force behind Peggy Bishop’s art from a young age.

As a child, Peggy loved to draw and did so every chance she had.  She copied from comic books and if the drawing didn’t match exactly, she’d crumple it up and throw it away only to start again.

Her efforts started to pay off because her third grade classmates would ask her to draw a horse for them. Horses were an early obsession in Peggy’s life and where her desire for realism began

By the time she was twelve, she was rendering horses and people accurately.  At fourteen, she was planning her high-school career. Though she loved art, she excelled in other subjects and was uncertain if an art career was for her.  Her plan was to study all the art, Spanish, math and science she could so when it was time to pick her college major, she would be prepared to choose.

It was during high school that she studied watercolor.  “We were encouraged to enter an art contest.  Mine received an honorable mention, but after it was returned to the school, it went missing.  I was certainly disappointed at the time, but in retrospect I’m amused that at age 15 I was the victim of an art heist!”

Ultimately, she chose chemistry and worked as a molecular biologist and data analyst for her whole working life.

This meant art never received full-time attention.  Despite this, she continued to improve her realistic technique in watercolor devoting herself to this medium from the age of 30.  Realism to the point of hyper realism was her aim. 

“At first I would paint from any resource, such [...]

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