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Peggy Bang is a professional artist and photographer who currently works from her home studio in San Antonio, Texas. She was born and raised in the Minnesota lake country, tho she has been a San Antonio resident for the past 17 years. Her drive to express herself thru drawing and painting began at a very early age. She credits her talent to genes passed down from her grandfather, a Danish immigrant inventor who excelled at intricate woodcarvings; in fact some of his carvings still adorn old homes in Spencer, Iowa where he lived and worked. Her father also demonstrated that same eye for detail in his many large hand painted signs for theatre fronts in the 30's.Ms. Bang has been capturing the hearts of collectors for many years with her uncanny ability to communicate the essence of her chosen subject matter. She has been painting and publishing her work for over three decades. While still residing in Minnesota, she completed and published a series of wildlife paintings. Her art of the Cocker Spaniel has been purchased by collectors all over the globe.Peggy is very diverse as an artist. Her scenes of Mexico emanate with her love of the region and it's people. Attention to detail juxtaposed against an impressionistic background creates a lively interest. Each brushstroke, minute or bold, is charged with meaning and intent. She was told by a physchic channeler that she leaves a "spiritual residue" on everything she paints, and that that residue is unknowingly picked up by the viewer. This cannot be proven, of course, but we'll let you be the judge.Ms. Bang is best known for her lifelike depiction of the Cocker Spaniel. Her intimate knowledge of this breed stems from years of breeding and showing. For the past 10 years however, she has devoted her [...]

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