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"Painting is a very personal endeavor.  It's all about what I feel and the why it makes me feel that way. Whether painting a small 5"x7" watercolor painting, multiple panels in mixed media or a large 5'x7' oil painting I always leave a bit of my soul in each."

"Life is fragile and I want my paintings to reflect the fragility of a moment caught in time and then transposed onto my canvas. The transparency of life is my theme. My paintings are layered with multiple transparent colors in order to create the fragility I strive to find and convey to the viewer of my work."

"I understand that acquiring one of my pieces is incredibly personal.  I truly appreciate that my paintings would speak to you so that you would consider purchasing a piece. It's important to me that you feel a little something inside when you look at my work. Remember,  a painting is not good just because it looks like something you might recognize but because it makes you feel something in a certain way.  I am hoping that one of my paintings make you feel enough of something that you'd like to take one home.  Every piece has a story that goes with it and it would be my pleasure to share that story with you.  I always guarantee that you feel right with the purchase of one of my paintings.  I offer a 100% - 30 day money back guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase.  Should that not be the case, you may return the piece or trade it in for another.  Please do not hesitate to call and talk to me or you may visit me at my studio."
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Paul J Valdez


-College of Notre Dame
-New Orleans Art Institute
-New Orleans Academy [...]

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