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I began painting again after becoming unemployed during the COVID 19 pandemic.  I love to work with oils and acrylics, although I also do watercolors sometimes.  I find landscapes very interesting to paint, particularly scenes and places I've traveled to or lived in.  I was born in San Antonio and moved to California when I started the 1st grade.  Moved back to Texas in 4th grade but my memories of the Santa Maria Valley in California are very vivid so I have painted those scenes.  Having lived in Houston since 1965, there are places all around Texas I love to paint, from the Houston area to Central Texas to the Panhandle and West Texas.  My wife, Mary, is from Oklahoma so I enjoy painting scenes from there as well.
I loved painting and drawing in high school and college but let it get away from me as our family business demanded most of my time.  I kind of got back into it when my wife and I and my sister opened a charter high school here in Houston, and I loved sitting in on the art classes.  Then I developed AS and spent much time just trying to stay healthy.
When we closed our business in March 2020 due to the lock-down and no customers, I found that way back in the warehouse were hundreds of pine wood boards of various shapes, along with a large supply of glass shelves.  Our oldest son, David, always the one to ask how something can be re-purposed, asked why I didn't start painting again using all those boards.  Low and behold, I started and have enjoyed it immensely.  Not as good a painter as our youngest son, John, or our daughter, Catherine, but passable.  And not as good a painter as my wife is at her [...]

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