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The Artist Says:

I paint to capture the beauty and serenity of Colorado and her people.


Collectors Say:

I love the beauty of Colorado and artists that capture that so well


Paul Nutting is a Colorado artist who grew up in rural Missouri.  At an early age he was attracted to drawing the things he observed around him, from farm animals to buildings and landscapes.  In high school, his mother bought him a set of oil paints which he used enthusiastically, although lack of knowledge about technique led to some frustration.  Later he experimented with colored pencils and pastels. 
Medical school and post-graduate residency training put any artistic activities soundly in the background.  When he completed training and joined the Indian Health Service in southern Arizona, the astounding beauty of the Sonoran Desert and it's native people reawakened his artistic soul.  Using mostly pastels, he sketched the lonely beauty of the desert landscape.  He also had many opportunities to travel as a health care consultant to southeast Asia and Central and South America.  He admits that his work during this time was very rough and by his admission not very good.
One day, years later, his 8 year-old son was watching television and said, "Hey Dad, get a load of this guy.  I want to paint like that."  And so Bob Ross captured the artistic imagination of a young boy and introduced his father to the remarkable richness of artistic instruction available on public television and on video.  ("I can't believe that all those years I didn't know about underpainting and working dark to light.  What a revelation!"  Shortly thereafter he discovered the Art Students League of Denver and a serious  and magical journey began.  Paul has recently retired and is pursuing art with all the passion and commitment he felt for medicine.
His Painting
Paul works primarily in oil, but enjoys working in other media, particularly charcoal and pastel, and occasionally watercolor.  "I no longer worry that trying other media and subjects is a distraction.  [...]

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