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The visual art experience for me is a stimulating flux of sensations, meanings, and emotions. The non-objective, the abstract, and the representational are complementary, utilizing distinct but overlapping languages. We interpret art to a content in ourselves.
Except for pencil drawing activity in my youth, a fuller art experience was initiated while I was engaged in UCLA graduate studies in biochemistry. I enrolled in art studio classes, a decision pivotal in setting new direction for my life. Through subsequent years I attended art classes in adult education and community colleges, enrolled for a time at the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County (subsequently Otis-Parsons in Los Angeles) and attended sessions privately taught by instructors from Art Center in Pasadena.  
I am retired from a career as a science professional.

My art includes drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and photography.  Other pursuits include the writing of poetry, story, and drama. I've lived in Chicago, Los Angeles; and Seattle since 1988.
SEATTLE AREA  (group shows except as specified 'solo')  1974- 2001
King and King Gallery, and/or, Pelican Bay Gallery (solo), Marymoor Arts Center, Fine Impressions Gallery, Collection Gallery, Frye Art Museum, Group Health Cooperative Mental Health Clinic, Chandler Fine Arts Gallery, Ron Segal Gallery, Seattle Art Museum  Rental-Sales Gallery, Nelson-Rovzar Gallery, Dara Gallery, Bellevue Art Museum Artists' Corner, Metropolis Gallery, Seattle Center / artsEdge, Virginia Inn (solo)
Arthead Gallery Seattle 2006, Meridian Gallery Seattle 2008, La Conner Seaside Gallery La Conner  2009, Seattle Design Center Georgetown 2011-12, Seattle Rainier Club Seattle 2015, Matzke Fine Art Gallery Camano Island 2016, Museum of Northwest Art Museum Store 2016
SEATTLE AREA  (group shows) 2017- 2018
Hillman City Collaboratory, Art Neureau, Lynn Hanson Gallery, Tashiro Kaplan Building
LOS ANGELES AREA (group shows)  1978- 1987
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (traveled:  Los Angeles, Indianapolis, [...]

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