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"Paint what you like" - a bit of sage advice that resonates with me.  A lifelong affinity for anything maritime attracts me to coastal locales.  It is sea & sky, rivers, shacks, boats, docks, flotsam & jetsam, creatures, beaches, harbors, vegetation and lighthouses (well you get the idea) that dominates my subject matter.  The subject energizes the vibe in my paintings.
Time, tide, wind, wave, sun and salt, all create a seaside patina which benefits from an impatient gestural approach to painting.  Watercolor is well suited for this task plus, it is in perfect sync with my predisposition to think slow and paint fast.  I spend hours on composition, perspective and value decisions, and minutes laying down pigment.
"Be honest when describing your work" - another bit of wise advice that makes sense to me.  You're not likely to find anything enigmatic in my work and might notice the absence of Don Quixote-isms to decipher.  By design my art is easy on the eye and mind.  It is comfortable art that might be the remembrance of place, a pleasant thought or wish.  Images are of places and things that I enjoy pondering and hope you do as well.  If you walk away thinking "a visit to the seashore would be nice", my job is done.
Boston University, BS Communications, U of Wisconsin & Washington U, Design & Sculpture.   My maritime works appear regularly in juried exhibits, solo and duo shows and have been collected by both individuals and corporations.

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