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The Artist Says:

“I love devoting myself to art full time.”

Collectors Say:

“Bill loved the portrait of Akeido. Thank you for taking such care creating it,” Maureen Wildey, collector.

“My life is enhanced by your creativity,” Joy Hunt, collector.

Other Artists Say:

“Congratulations [on winning People’s Choice award for The Cloud Factory]. Good composition...very well done!” Dr. Susanne Schuenke, internationally renown artist.


When Paula Willits retired from publishing in 2014, she dove into the art world. “I was so happy to devote myself to art full time,” she said. “I immediately enrolled in classes and workshops to learn the latest media and techniques.” Her work includes everything from realism to Impressionism and abstraction. And she has worked on various surfaces, including rocks, canvas, paper, wood and even palm fronds.
She began visiting museums in the U.S. as well as Europe. “It’s great to have time to see famous paintings I had only seen in books,” she added. And tours of modern art galleries resulted in a new-found appreciation of abstraction.
Paula was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Her parents encouraged her interest in drawing and painting at a young age, keeping her supplied with pencils and crayons, as well as a variety of art paper.
At the age of six, her natural talent became apparent when the family moved to Georgia. Their new neighborhood was being carved out of the woods, so there was an abundance of wildlife for Paula to sketch, as well as trails and creeks to explore and paint.
In elementary school, she won a number of art contests, and her book reports stood out not for literary insights, but rather for her colorful covers and inside sketches.
A neighbor who was a commercial artist demonstrated perspective, shading and background techniques. And Paula began exploring new media, such as pastels, pen and ink, and charcoal. “I still have some nubs of the first pastels my Mother bought me when I was about 9 years old,” Paula said. 
When Paula was 13, the family relocated to Central Florida. Living in a subtropical area, she encountered more amazing insects and animals to sketch.  Seeing the ocean for the first time, along with palm trees, led to her producing hundreds [...]

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