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I am inspired each and every day by the beauty that surrounds me. Fascinated with the changing of light and shadows, the depth of color and reflected light, intricate patterns, textures, forms... I walk through life in awe of creation. 
Born and raised in San Clemente, CA, I am thankful my grandparents chose this area to call home.  With so much natural beauty it is rich with inspiration.  Whether hiking the hills or exploring the coast, I paint in response to images that move me, hoping to capture and share the joy, peace, or sense of awe that I feel in that moment.  
I work primarily in the pastel medium being drawn to it for its tactile nature and the way the pure color particles catch and refract light.  Pastel allows me to paint with nearly pure pigments and layer color in a way that gives a luminous quality to the work.  I enjoy exploring various mark making and techniques to create texture and movement.  Painting is truly a passion for me, the process from beginning to end is full of exploration and discoveries. 
I am a member of the Pastel Society of Southern California, a wonderful group of artists that have become dear friends.  I'm mostly self-taught, though I enjoy taking workshops with various artists:  Sally Strand, Richard McKinley, Lyn Asselta, Stan Sperlak, Marla Baggetta, and Alain Picard to name a few influences.  One never stops learning, I am on a life-long journey and find that it's more about the people I am meeting along the way that matter most.  Art is just the conduit that brings us all together.  

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