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Paula Motley lives in Comfort, Texas. She was born and raised in Hillsboro, Texas. Hillsboro is located about 50 miles south of Dallas, Texas, it is a small farming and ranching community.There she met and married Carlos Motley they have about 30 acres located between Boerne, Texas and Comfort, Texas. They have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Paula has spent 40 years in the franchise food business and at the same time 33 years raising and showing World Class Paint and Quarter Horses and still does today. She has always had a great love of horses, and spent time drawing and painting  them from a young age. As an adult she has devoted much time to the breeding and showing of these animals.
Paula has also raised Australian Shepherds, she loves all animals. She owns 2 Aussies and a Miniature Poodle, 2 Maine Coon cats and a Amazon Yellow Nape Parrot who is now 30 years old. Paula has been expressing her love of beauty and color for many years, and she finds this to be a challenging and rewarding way to bring beauty into her life, and to share it with others. Over the years she has studied with Janice Hinds in San Antonio, TexasJay Hester, of Boerne, TexasBecky Clare Rogers of Comfort, TexasShe has Taken seminars with  Gregg Kruetzand seminars with Margaret KesslerShe attributes her skills to the influence and training under these fine artist.
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