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 I have always enjoyed drawing, simple pencil and paper drawings, I knew nothing about watercolours or acrylics. As a child we are encouraged to draw and colour, as adults we are encouraged to get "a real job".  So like most artistic people I concentrated on school, marriage, and eventually running my business. In my 40`s my husband encouraged me to get back to art and he has been my biggest fan and supporter ever since. He encouraged me to take some watercolour lessons and I since then I have been hooked on the medium.
I have painted in different mediums, but watercolour is one of my favourites . Painting is like anything else, the more you practice the more confident you become and the easier it gets, but the key to improvement is making the time to paint, draw, sketch or just doodle as often as possible. 
A lot of my paintings are watercolour; however I have done several pieces using coloured pencil, pen and ink and oil. The subject of the painting is usually what dictates the medium, but I have had specific requests when doing commissioned works as to what the client would like me to use. One of my favourite subjects to paint are people. I like to capture a candid, light hearted expressiveness in my approach to portraits. In my opinion this is what makes a portrait interesting and instantly familiar to the viewer.

Now that I have retired I am going to focus my energy to spending more time painting and building up a collection of paintings for sale. I am enjoying the weekly newsletters from FASO, the artists blogs and the helpful articles and contests that are available. 
Thank you for visiting my website and remember, "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we [...]

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