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I was born in May, 1963 in Chicago. My dad was a professional photographer and Technical Sales Rep for Eastman Kodak. My mom is a fiber artisan as was hers. Experiencing dad's technical journals and spending time in mom's sewing room with all its colorful, patterned fabrics encouraged my interests in mathematics, form, pattern and color. My earliest "art" memory is of a huge chalkboard that my parents put on a wall in my bedroom. I could color on that "wall" to my heart's content.
I attended Indiana University-John Herron School of Art, earned my BA in Art History and became a Fine Art Conservator.
Life is too short (!) after experiencing multiple major surgeries & a diagnosis of Epilepsy I left Conservation and returned to meaningful art-making. 
My companion dog Ralston and I spend time in the studio daily or as my health permits.

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