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I strive for making art that is expressive and thought-provoking with sweeping lines, layers of color and texture. I paint in silence so that there are no outside influences. I shut out the rest of the world and am totally immersed in my thoughts about the canvas and the paint in front of me. My goal is to paint something that is pleasing to the eye and fun to figure out and once in a while, a portrait or two.
I am  a working artist living in Abilene, Texas. My two partners Linda Stricklin,  Mary Haan and I own and operate Calypso Gallery Academy of Art where we also maintain studios and a classroom for teaching various art mediums. We are open by chance or by appointment. Send a message if you are interested in classes or a visit. We love having people drop in for a visit when they are there. 
I was born in Lake Charles Louisiana.  My earliest memory of drawing is of around the age of three years old. I remember drawing my grandmothers goldfish. It's a vivid memory. I'm the oldest of the grandchildren. I was sitting alone at the coffee table and I remember the adults were sitting in the kitchen area. I can't remember anything anyone said but, I remember my thinking. I was drawing circles with lines streaming from them all in one direction. I was amazed at how those lines made the little circular fish look like they were swimming. That is when I became aware of the power of lines in a drawing. In the abstract I paint today I continue to use the power of lines to create movement and interest in my paintings and drawings.
Patty Rae
By age five she was painting with watercolors and  age seven she was given an Etcha  Sketch [...]

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