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I'm a bit late to the party. Although I spent many hours drawing, painting and making things as I grew up in Central New York, it wasn't until my sons were making art in school that I felt the excitement through them and picked up a paintbrush again. And as my boys grew into the wonderful artists and people they are, I immersed myself in my art, attending workshops,  taking lessons and painting every day. I frequently painted after work, after the dishes were done or maybe sometimes before.
My first plein air experience was several years ago in Monterey, at the Plein Air convention. I brought my paints in my suitcase and purchased an easel when I got there, struggling to keep it upright in the wind at Point Lobos and Asilomar. I was and still am certain I was the worst painter there, but I didn't care. It was just so much fun! 
These days I'm retired so I don't have to wait until after work to paint. I love to travel, and bring my paints whenever I do. In the past year, that's meant Maine, Connecticut, New York City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida and the Keys, California, Mexico City and Acapulco, and a 3,000 mile road trip with my son. I've shown my work at the Redhouse, Point of Contact, Cafe Kubal, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, the Tech Garden, SUNY Upstate Cancer Center, the Everson Museum and other local venues.Feel free to email the me about my work or to plan a plein air outing.

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