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The Artist Says:

Mosaic is not about drawing or copying, it is about bringing fragments together to make a whole. It is a juxtaposition of separate parts, meant to reveal the combined power of colors and textures.

Collectors Say:

"I was very excited to find a local Northwest artist in the American Art Collector Magazine.  I met Patty at her studio and within days of seeing her work decided to buy her guitar, Rhythm & Blues.  Several members of my family are musicians so the theme, and colors, of this mosaic caught my eye right away.  This piece is my husband's favorite of all the art I have purchased over the years."

Other Artists Say:

Franklin has been defining her version of contemporary mosaics for 10 years.  She is a classically trained mosaicist who has adapted ancient techniques to fit her distinctive and intricate mosaic sculptures.  She uses glass and beads in swirls, curves, lines, and shapes with color like a swimming pool in brilliant sunshine  Patty builds her artwork like relief sculptures on a variety of forms but it's her musical instruments that have captured the eye of collectors.  Tacoma, WA reporter Rosemary Ponnekanti states, "Some works are more subtle than others, but the instruments are a joyful and surreal as the work of glass artist Davide Salvadore".


After traveling the country, my (Montana born-and-raised) husband and I, now call the Bitterroot Valley home.  My father and I started to dabble in mosaics in 2002 while he was staying with us to receive chemotherapy.  Mosaics gave us a colorful, happy place to go to at the end of the day. Once he passed, I kept going as I had stumbled into my next career in fine arts. 
I chose to receive classical mosaic training from the masters of Italy and then adapted these ancient techniques to produce my own distinct style of contemporary mosaics.  I hand cut each piece of glass to fit precisely using either a hammer and hardie or double wheeled nippers.  My favorite material is smalti which is the most vibrant glass available and can be found in the majority of mosaics throughout Europe (made in Venice, Italy).
The complexity of mosaics satisfies my need to build structure while the effect of the repetitive work is meditative and soothing.  With an odd desire to put things in order, I assemble materials that run the gamut of trash to gold, always keeping the primary ingredient glass.  Experience and instinct guide my hands while my designs are born from a joyful heart and a love of bright colors.  I strive to offer works that are uplifting and intriguing, sharing what lives in my imagination.

Vanessa Lacy Gallery, Kansas City, MO
Montana Bliss Artworks, Hamilton, MT
Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, FL

Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

4 Ravens Gallery, Missoula, MT

Artisans On Second, Hamilton, MT

Montana Modern Fine Art, Kalispell, MT

Persimmon Gallery, Bigfork, MT

Artists' Shop. Missoula, MT

E3 Convergence Gallery, Missoula, MT

SOU's Thorndike and Retzlaff Galleries, Ashland, OR

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, MD

Artists Along The Bitterroot, Hamilton, MT

Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT

Hockaday Museum, Kallispell, MT

Radius Gallery, Missoula, MT

Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT

Chase Gallery, Spokane, WA

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