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 I am a developing and emerging artist.
 Indiana is where I grew up and I moved to Arizona 30+ years ago, which I absolutely love.
I started drawing about the age of 8 and won scholarships to the Ft. Wayne Art School for weekends and summers. However growing up and life interfering, I didn't pursue an art career. I did decide to become an Interior Designer and won awards in the "Parade of Homes" in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
I met clients with airplanes and flew to Florida decorating some condos and to Toledo to decorate a 100' yacht. I fell in love with flying and decided to become a pilot. This was accomplished in 90 days in the winter of 1976. I am qualified as captain in 5 different jet airplanes and am the first woman in the world to be Type Rated in the Lockheed Jet Star by Flight Safety International.
Yes, I have had an extraordinary life.
 After a long career in Interior Design and  as a professional pilot in the corporate world of aviation I feel extremely fortunate to now be able to devote myself to my artistic passion. Painting gives me a sense of balance and extraordinary satisfaction. 
Each painting is an adventure in composition, shape, color, and light. Sometime during the painting process something magical happens. The subject matter and the painting engage in an exciting dialogue and the painting comes alive.
I usually start with a photo I love that was taken in my travels. At some point during the painting process my intuitive nature takes over and the painting takes on the character, emotion and the memories filled with love. The play of light and shadow as well as contrast are part of the compositions.
Often I paint while traveling. If unable to paint, I am continually sketching a story for later works of art.
I  spend the month of May in this spring to develop more paintings of love and beauty for new [...]

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