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All my life I have been drawn to images.  As a child, I would spend hours examining the images in my picture books. From an early age, drawing has been and equal delight. This love for intricate illustrations and drawing, particularly line drawing, has influenced my work since I started painting over 45 years ago. I once had an instructor tell me, “You are linear, don’t lose that!”
My work is sometimes inspired by visual images that come to me from poetry, quotes, philosophy, and native culture and history. On occasion ideas appear to me as complete images, perhaps during meditation, or when I am walking in the trees or on the beach. 
Sometimes I have an idea in mind when I start a painting and start with a sketch in watercolor pencil. Other times, I let the painting lead me. Either way,  I always begin the painting intuitively and very loosely in watercolor. I sometimes don't know why I am painting a color or shape or what the image is going to be until I get closer to completion. 
In these intuitive ventures I begin to see something in a shape or in the colors I’ve laid down. I begin working over the watercolor with ink. This allows me to kind of close in on what it is. At this point I might seek reference to use in the drawing. There is a moment when the message becomes clear. It is often deeper and more complex than the simple image that I imagined initially. At this point the painting begins to impart some kind of knowledge back to me. It is as though this information is being transmitted through a source greater than myself, or perhaps, from a part of myself that at some point becomes connected to it. Some artists refer to this [...]

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