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The natural world is where I receive my primary source of inspiration. Nature offers ever changing light and color coupled with birdsong and breezes (or insects and rain!) Iím drawn to places that feel distant from modern life: old barns, mills, farm houses, gardens and especially the more pristine places like marshes, rivers and mountains.
Iíve been blessed to have had early exposure to painting through my artist mother and maternal grandmother. As a child, my grandmother would take me on outdoor painting excursions with her painting group. Now, one of my greatest pleasures is painting en Plein Air, either with other artists or solo. Whether a painting is completed on location or studies are made for a studio painting, the outdoor experience always brings a more intimate sense to my work.
My background in art formally began with a BA in Fine Art from St. Maryís College of Southern Maryland in 1974. There, an art major received a classical art education that focused on art history, human anatomy, life drawing and oil painting. It was also a beautiful campus that included the St. Maryís River, woods and farmland. It was a wonderful introduction to both portrait/figure work and landscape painting.
Since art is a life long pursuit, I continued to study art through workshops led by professionals in different media. Watercolor became a post college  pursuit that evolved into a passion. While I think of myself as primarily a watercolorist, I paint in oils often for the rich brush/knife texture that is not available in watercolor. Drawing skills are essential to painting and I enjoy drawing for its own artistic merits. For the past 15 years , Iíve taught classes and workshops in drawing, watercolor and oil. Iíve enjoyed time spent with students and must say that some of the most avid learners and [...]

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