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Pat Stoddard Aragon, a native Californian, has been involved with art most of her life.  She started out as a young woman doing horses' portraits in pastels while sitting on the tailgate of her pickup at local California horse shows.   Her reputation as an equine artist grew from there and her portraits of beloved backyard pets to high class show horses are in collections all over the US and as far away as England!
        "Painting Equine Portraits and 'Anything Western'.." about sums it up for me...  I have always worn 'cowboy boots', jeans, and been a western person.  It shows in the way I dress and the way my home is decorated... the way I live everyday.  I have always painted, had horses, dogs, and animals of all kinds.  My kids were all involved with 4-H animal projects, and I have always lived way out in the 'boonies' so to speak.  The most 'way out' place was on the Wind River Indian Reservation in the middle of Wyoming, where my husband and I raised cattle, horses and hay.  I really lived the western lifestyle, and stored away many memories to paint.  Memories of cowboys, special cowhorses, wildlife, Native Americans, ornery cows, real and true western family ranchlife, ranch community brandings, cattle drives, Pow Wows and Indian gatherings.  Lots of beautiful, wild, open country.. and harsh winters.  A lifetime of subject matter from my firsthand living experiences!   I hope I am able to share some of these experiences and feelings with you through my artwork..."
Pat recently returned to her N. California studio and is continuing her profession as an artist.   Working in oils or pastels with most all of her artwork representing the genre of the American West..    She paints from her own experiences from the 'real' wild west of Wyoming, [...]

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