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I have always had an interest in making art; drawing and painting was a past-time of particular interest.  My professional focus for many years was  as a mental health therapist and bereavement counselor, particularly with children who experienced the loss of a family member.  Recently,  I am able to focus and spend more time painting and drawing.   
 I enrolled in a number of continuing education classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and have taken a number of workshops nationally from people whose work I admire.   Creating art, and finding yourself in the company of other people that enjoy the same endeavor is truly a wonderful place to be.
There is a certain pleasure in looking critically at landscapes or seascapes to see the beauty in them and to see, artistically, nature's  wonderful  color harmony.  Additionally, the particular uniqeness of people or certain, often simple objects, heightens the experience making art.  Slowing down and really seeing, brings an added gift to my everyday life.

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