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I love painting with fire (pyrography) on watercolor paper, oil painting, and designing and making upscale leather accessories.   I grew up on a large cattle ranch on the Western Slope of Colorado and developed an affinity for nature, animals, flowers and landscapes.  My objective is to capture the movement, light, textures, and expressions of nature and animals in my art.  On occasion I also use watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and oils.  I have succeeded when nature’s unique personality peeks out of my paintings and my buyers send an email saying “I love it…I want another one!”
Born in Texas and moved to Colorado when I was 3 years old.  I grew up on the ranch and used to rodeo, team roping and running barrels most of my life.  In order to buy my "faster horses" I went to school, earning a degree in Biomedical Electrical Engineering working as an engineer and technical writer for years.  I almost completed a MS degree in Computer Science when I changed course realizing that was not the path I wanted to follow.  There was no time for the art I loved when I was younger till about 2010 when it reemerged in many directions until I found pyrography and leather art which are my favorites.  
Pyrography is wood burning but instead of my medium being wood, I use heavy water color paper or water color board.  I use a burner unit that allows me to control the amount of heat and in turn the values of sepia toned hues.  Heat pens are attached to the burner and the shape of their tips produce different types of lines and shades.  I add a bit of color to some of my pyrography.  I have recently missed having more color in my work and am painting a series of [...]

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