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Patricia Kuebler, (paints with nickname of Patrish), a native Californian, moved with her husband Bruce, to the Ojai Valley in 1999.  Ojai, with its varied beauty and magical light, is a constant inspiration to her - one that compels this artist to capture with pastel, oil or encaustic those special "awe" or "ah" moments in life. In the Ojai Studio Artists website, Ojai is described as a community known for it's artistic soul, "celebrated through music, theater, and a multitude of painters, sculptors and designers."  Patrish, (aka Patricia), "migrated to Ojai for its beauty, serenity,and low-key lifestyle." Life pointed her in an artistic direction after many years spent as an R.N. in Maternal-Newborn nursing. She feel that "capturing the beauty of a landscape is much the same as holding a precious infant - each requires care, respect, and in return, each gives me much joy."
The term "late bloomer" certainly applies to Patrish.  In 2001, Ventura College was the beginning of her exploration into the world of art, giving her the basics to explore her creative abilities. Nurturing teachers, creative atmospheres, and workshops with celebrated artists keeps her making up for lost time.  "Starting late has its advantages.  I've had many years to build life experiences before I picked up a brush or a piece of charcoal.  I haven't got time to waste - I do what I love and just take the plunge!"

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