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When doing my landscape photography, I enjoy the feeling of the brilliant colors of sunset, the force of an oncoming storm, or the solitude of the deep forest. When I paint abstracts, pure color and abstract form can evoke those feelings and more.
I start each painting with a clear mind. One color up against others generates tension. I build up oil glazing layers until until a feeling of harmony or balanced tension exists. When I get those feelings, I know the painting is finished.
Patrick Smith is a software programmer, landscape photographer, and abstract artist. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
He has many accomplishments in the software business, including building the sample storage, retrieval, and data linkage for the world’s largest maternal DNA sample bank in the world. It’s now integrated into the California IT system and is called the California BioBank. He works with data in Birth Defects research.
He is also an award-winning landscape photographer, with many magazine and calendar covers to his credit. He has over 1.4 million followers and 150 (b)illion views on the Google plus network, which is being disconnected from the internet. His photos are still viewed over 100 million times per day, mostly on the Google Chrome TV network as screen saver backgrounds. Search for “Patrick Smith Photography” to find out more about his photography.
Knowing Google plus was going away, he decided to learn abstract oil painting. He enjoys the feeling he gets from the brilliant colors of sunrise and sunset, as well as other colors of nature. When the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was renovated in 2016 into 7 expansive levels of exhibition space in their new 10 level museum, he became interested in abstract art after many visits there. He especially enjoyed the Abstract Expressionists as well as other [...]

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