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At the end of 2019, my wonderful wife and I decided to make
the coming decade our "Roaring 20's."
With advancing age, a few more aches and pains, and numerous items still on the bucket list, we decided it was now or probably never. Momento mori, carpe diem, etc. In the first 13 months of 2020 we sold our "big house", added on to our studio, added on to our cabin, acquired a travel trailer to paint out of, and traded our Sequoia for a Suburban to pull it. On February 7, with our cabin remodel 99% complete and real winter weather headed our way, we left Montana. After a "too short" visit with family in SoCal, we hooked up and spent nearly two weeks boondocking and painting in the deserts of California and Arizona. No internet access resulted in two weeks of missed First Strike postings, the first in nearly 3 years. On February 28 we crossed the border to begin ten weeks exploring and painting in Baja. By the end of today we'll be in Guerrero Negro, nearly ½ way down the Pacific side of the peninsula. We've traded the trailer for a small outboard so we'll be staying in AirBNB's. I expect to have internet access most of the time and will be posting First Strike paintings, done in plein air from the road in Baja, starting next week. Stay tuned!
Three years ago I started painting primarily small paintings, most just 6” x 6”.   I like small paintings because they can be started and finished in one short session, they are easier to handle while painting on the road and they are inexpensive and fun for art lovers to collect. 
 Using “miniature” oil paintings and matching floater frames, plus the First Strike program (see First Strike) I encourages art lovers to [...]

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