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Patrick Faile
Raised in rural South Carolina in a farming community, Mr. Faile developed a deep connection to nature and wildlife.  He has a long term interest in art beginning at an early age and spanning more than 40 years.  His only formal education in art was through the public school system where he excelled.  After graduating from public school, his entry into engineering school gave him a new appreciation for graphic arts and his drafting skills flourished.  He became very skilled in the use of graphite and pen & ink in the preparation of architectural and mechanical drawings.
Mr. Faile followed a natural career progression in fine arts to include a mastery of a multitude of different mediums before finding watercolor to be the most skill demanding medium.  He states, “Watercolor is the most demanding medium known to man.  It’s as though the medium has a life of its own.  We can only guide and direct it through our skill, but color choice and technique can sometime surprise the artist in its effect.”
Mr. Faile refuses to be tied to any specific subject matter or genre of art.  His subject matter is at the whimsy of his imagination.  He states, “I paint what appeals to me, and what I think will be memorable and time tested art.  I have hopes that the public will like it, perhaps even purchase it, but marketability is not my primary focus in producing art.”  He jokes, “I may die with a tremendous inventory, but I will like my body of work.”
He has exhibited in numerous national, international, and gallery exhibitions with excellent sales results. He has enjoyed steady private sales and commissioned works.  His works are very realistic in nature and are very detailed.  No doubt, the fine details of his works reflect his exceptional drafting skills, engineering background, and [...]

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