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Patricia Savage’s last day in Denali National Park was spent working on a lecture to present at the Visitor’s Center, about her tenure as Artist-in-Residence. As she worked, she and her husband, William Kimler, heard a ruckus on the porch. They had brought a small solar panel to charge camera and computer. The ground squirrel living under the cabin had already shown a strong hankering to investigate its wires. Thinking it had finally succumbed to curiosity, William threw open the door and in rolled a very startled grizzly bear cub playing with the doormat. Not knowing where momma grizzly might be lurking, they shooed him off the porch and into the thick willows, then slammed the door shut. The cabin windows had bear shutters studded with long, heavy duty nails for a reason. Surprise over, Savage could only wonder at how far she had come from North Carolina, and how she loved that the artist’s life brings adventure, surprise, and a chance to express a love of hidden life.Growing up in North Carolina, Savage lived in a world full of trees. Her first strong visual memory at age six was of a dark line of thunderstorms approaching. Against steely blue-gray clouds, the leaves of a short, bushy tree kept flipping over to reveal an unexpected pale color in beautiful contrast to the rich, dark green of the topside. Struck by awe at the glittery effect of color, light, and dark, she yearned to draw it. It was too difficult for a child’s skills, but she was inspired to pursue art that would reveal her wonderment. Savage started by drawing constantly. As her ability caught up with what she saw, she realized she was pulled to the reality of nature. She wanted to draw and paint the things that fascinated her [...]

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