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Glory to God!
     I went to college and majored in art in the early 70's but I only started oil painting in earnest at the age of 55. In college my professors did not teach realism which was something I truly desired to paint. So my desire and ability laid dormant deep within me from the end of college until the age of 55. Whenever I went to art museums this longing to paint would well up within me. I wanted to paint but just did not know if there was an instructor "out there" able to teach me realism and the science of color and composition. To progress in my craft I needed a master artist. 
     Enter Frank Covino, an octogenarian master portrait painter from Vermont who travels to Colorado to hold workshops for aspiring artists like me. I learned more in a one week workshop under this man's tutelage than four years in college. Over the course of several years I learned how the masters painted back in the Renaissance and this has become the technique that I use on my paintings today. This technique is called the "Classical Academic" manner of painting. Frank taught me that we must first copy the masters before we create our own masterpieces, just as one might learn the piano by playing Beethoven and Bach before creating their own compositions. When Frank is not in town I study under his protégé of fifteen years, Marianne Billingsley.
     This portfolio contains some photos of my paintings of various master artists as well as my own original compositions.
 What is the purpose of Art?
     There are so many great painters that is almost seems pointless to add to what has already been produced. But upon reflection I see that God has given every one of us some sort of gifting (according to His grace) and [...]

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