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I seek to add to the beauty of your world.

Collectors Say:

We met Pat Finley in the early 2000's at a small art show in Colorado.  We fell in love with a piece she had at the show, "Gossamer", and purchased it on the spot.  We love Pat's works and now own 16 pieces of various sizes and colors.  We eventually left Colorado and now live on the beach in Florida.  We have commissioned Pat to do several pieces in a “beach” theme and we couldn’t be happier with the results and how fantastic her art looks in our place!  We constantly receive compliments from our friends on how cool Pat's work is.  We highly recommend Pat to anyone looking for unique resin art.  She has gone out of her way to work with us on designs we envisioned and asked her to create.  She is extremely patient with her clients and her customer service is outstanding!   Steve and Kaye W.     


Color.  The one thing my art is about is color.  My medium is resin which highlights and accentuates color.  All colors.  Whether acrylic paint is mixed into resin or whether a clear coat of resin is poured over ink, as in my newest pieces, vibrant colors are my thing.
So, the story of how I became an artist is this.
Nothing is more surprising to me than the fact that I'm a professional artist. 

I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.  It never occurred to me that Art was among the possible choices.  I didn't know any artists and had never had an art course.   Consequently, it never occurred to me that art was a job, a profession, or that I had any artistic talent or abilities.
I moved to Arizona for college.  Not knowing what I wanted to be when I "grew up", after undergrad I took the LSAT.  From the results, it was clear that I should go to law school.  So I did. 
After graduating from law school, I became a trial lawyer, which I very much enjoyed.  I got married and my then-husband and I  opened our own law firm.  I had two kids. All was calm. All was well.
Then the Universe decided it was time for a change.
My husband became ill.  We retired and moved to our cabin in Southwest Colorado.  I founded a youth substance abuse prevention non-profit to help the kids in the county (and the parents!) and became its Development Director.  My children grew up and went away to college.  My husband recovered from his illness.  Our marriage ended.
During this time, I began to create collages under the supervision of my art mentor, a friend who had been a professional artist for many years.  It turned out that I loved creating and was pretty [...]

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