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Patricia Huber
My love for art began as a child in Salinas, California, an agricultural valley just 20 miles inland on the Central Coast.  My mother was a lifelong artist and an accomplished watercolor painter.  Her love for art not only showed in her paintings, but in how she designed our home (a family with 9 children), sewed clothing for herself and her girls, and the way she artistically presented food on a table.  She is my lifelong role model.  
College was expected in my family, and out of ‘practicality’ I opted to study the health sciences instead of pursuing my love for art.  I obtained a MS degree in Health Education and taught health sciences and biology for several years.  After marrying and starting a family, I went back to school at Cornish Art Institute in Seattle to study art.  Still choosing to be ‘practical’, I chose interior design as my major. 
As a child, I asked my mother for all the Green Stamps (remember those?) she brought from the grocery store.  I pasted them in the books and went shopping at The Green Stamp store.  I searched for ‘stylish’ accessories for my bedroom (envision a large turquoise bedside alarm clock).  Inspired by these new treasures, I redesigned my whole bedroom around them when I got home, sometimes at the dismay of sisters with whom I shared the room.  This interest led me to interior design as a profession later in life.  I broadened my appreciation for good composition, mass vs detail, color and relativity, and quality materials.  Drawing and painting were a part of my profession, but on-the-side I learned to sculpt and weld, and even studied fashion design illustration for a year, which I truly loved.   
 My interior design career was interrupted to help my parents with health problems.  [...]

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