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Originally from the Pittsburgh area, I always loved to draw growing up. While attending Purdue University, I considered a major in fine arts, but took the practical route instead and became a pharmacist. After graduation and marriage, I followed my husband around to various cities including Nashville and Oahu. Later I obtained an MBA from the University of South Carolina. Raising 2 kids and working didn't leave much time for art, but I took a painting class here and there whenever I could. After moving to Charleston, a tragic jogging accident forced me to reconsider my vocation, and I have been painting with Elizabeth Bronson for over 7 years. Specific influences include Sorolla, Vermeer, and Calvin Liang. Traveling to visit the world's great museums as well as local art galleries, workshops and seminars, have played a big part in continuing education. I love the way light plays on the color of objects and strive to show this in my paintings.

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