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Patricia Falck is a modern painter with a contemporary vision.
She has developed a working method using oil paints that parallel and compliment her previous activities as a fashion textile designer.  She is extremely interested in surface pattern, strong contrasts of colour, form and texture.
Everything in a Patricia Falck picture is clearly made with paint.  She likes to work quickly and is not afraid to use colour expressively rather than matching it to reality.  Patricia seeks to create a vivid visual composition rather than an accurate recording of what is before her.
Patricia feels a painting is an ongoing process, one of change and experimentation.  She likes to paint freely and openly so that she can explore possibilities that become apparent to her as the work progresses.
The studio is Patricia's place of solitude, contemplation and discovery.  However her focus is to create works in which the viewer can participate.  It's through her art that she wishes to share her enthusiasm and passion for the magic and beauty of the painting process.
If you are interested in knowing more or seeing her work please feel free to contact her.

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