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I moved to California from the Hudson River Valley of NY State. Located about a 1½ hour train ride north of Manhattan, the area is nestled between the Catskill Mountain Highlands and the majestic Hudson River. In the 19th Century, the Hudson River School painters documented the unspoiled wilderness, creating an artistic identity for the young nation. Today, the area continues to awe and inspire artists of every genre'.    For many years I worked primarily in oil paints. Although I continue to paint in this beautiful medium, since 1999, I have primarily devoted my time to creating a growing body of work in Encaustic Wax*. Mastering and bonding with this medium, I have been able to produce some truly unique paintings and 3-Dimensional artwork.  I’m mesmerized by the way light, as it passes through translucent wax, illuminates the multiple layers of the painting. The result is truly a multi-dimensional visual experience.  Sometimes I'm drawn to create representational landscapes. As in cut paper, this requires meticulous attention to the multiple planes of each element. Cloud formations float across the sky, rocks literally lie beneath a clear stream in the foreground. It's so much more than the mere illusion of depth.  It is a kinesthetic delight to experience the freedom to sculpt, incorporate mixed media or found objects into your art, as your muse dictates. Although encaustic wax presents challenges, the rewards are great.  For me, Encaustic Wax perfectly suits the metaphor of flow and layering of dimensions, which symbolizes my way of seeing the connections in nature, healing and the human experience in an unfolding universe.  Simultaneously, discovering the charm and beauty of California has been an adventure. It's such a joy to have year round, temperate weather to explore both the grand and minutiae [...]

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