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Art shines through the soul as we touch the colors and the brush 
These rays of light spread like lightning through paths unknown
Yet appear to transform everyone in their path
The Artist tools of intent are to uplift and inspire life 
And our life creates joy and lifts us to transcend 
Whatever is before us...


Patricia Bunk has an International Following from France, Italy, Ireland and the Uk.

As a professional American Artist I have been exploring larger 2x4 ft paintings in metallic gold, bronze and silver landscapes. I tend to love the ocean and you will see water in many of my paintings. I work large as I intend to bring the viewer to a place that is refreshing and regenerates your soul. I often place a gemstone in the painting and should you purchase my artwork you might ask me about the semi-precious choice which is my signature. I am a certified Art teacher that has taught every grade and college-level Illustration Techniques. My passion is painting and recently I have gone a little wild with color but that's my signature to enrich your life.
Be well.
Patricia Bunk M.Ed.
American Painter 

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