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I started painting out of need, a need to discover a new self.
Creative expression is constantly influenced by the people I meet, the places I travel and images that resonate in my head. I continued to play and experiment with bold color, texture mostly using acrylics, and inks.  I start with a color and move to where the moment takes me. I love patterns, shadows and chaos. Intuitive painting describes my journey at best. I stay in a playful place. I’ve learned to trust myself experimenting with mixed media; paper towels, metals, shells, fiberglass, and other materials adding to a new level of fearless painting. My nontraditional technique brings a variety to my paintings through manipulating inks and acrylics to a new level of creativity.
In my personal journey, I moved to New Mexico many years ago after graduating with a degree in Education.  As an independent  young women with adventure in my soul, I believe my life journey started at that moment many years ago. I immediately felt connected to the land, the art, the people, the culture and the enchantment of the Southwest. After twenty five years of teaching children, I retired to a new life, a different life. Finding myself, recreating myself  lead to a battle with depression, with no formal art training, I picked up a brush and started to experiment with acrylic; not knowing much about paints and what paints could do, where brushes could take you, I fell in love with my new path. Passionately and vigorously I read books, talked with artists and gallery owners and visited museums as often as a I could, now with the access to the internet, I inhale the world of artists on a daily basis.  Art meditation, as I call it, has changed my life, moving me to a higher ground of  conscientiousness.  
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