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Growing up in Colorado, Patrice spent a great deal of time outdoors where she developed a deep love of nature and wild places, resulting in an awareness of the natural world that she expresses through her artwork. An avid bird-watcher, outdoors woman and naturalist, her time spent in nature is a constant inspiration for her paintings. Patrice is also a dedicated plein air painter and many of the studies she paints on location are used as reference for larger studio works. While any subject may be the stimulus for a painting, her art most typically portrays the birds, wildlife and landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West.
Patrice’s art training has included formal academic coursework and private study both in the US and abroad in Florence, Italy, where she studied Classical art at the atelier of Master painter Richard Serrin and practiced life drawing at the Florence Academy. She continues to advance her development as an artist through the camaraderie of plein air painting and life drawing with other artists. As a child, she showed an early talent for art and was encouraged by her family and teachers to pursue an art career. She also had an interest in prehistory and chose college degrees in both art and archaeology, ultimately working a career in archaeology, which allowed art to remain in the forefront of her career and scientific illustration was soon incorporated into her milieu. She produced artifact illustrations for archaeological and academic researchers. Throughout this time, she continued to paint and exhibit her work and became passionate about plein air painting, which combined her loves of nature and art. Since 2008 she has pursued art full-time.
To keep her insights and inspiration fresh, Patrice travels regularly throughout the Rocky Mountains and the desert southwest, along with periodic travels to foreign [...]

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