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Mission Statement
To bring together pastel artists in the Southern California region for camaraderie and collaboration. To educate the public and promote pastel as a fine art medium through local shows and exhibitions. To foster artistic excellence through public demonstrations, workshops, paint-outs, critiques, and exchange of technical and product information. To be a member society of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). History of the Pastel Society of Southern California
In Southern California, oil painters have enjoyed a long reign. Pristine ocean vistas, lighthouses, mustard fields, eucalyptus trees and royal palms are just a few of the scenes that have fueled their creative passion over the last 200+ years. But the medium of pastel--which shares oil paints’ pure pigment and has been applied with the simple swipe of a stick since the 16th century--is now on the move as one of the fastest growing art mediums in the world.After attending the International Association of Pastel Society (IAPS) 2007 meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, three budding pastel artists from Southern California, aka “The Three Pastel Musketeers,” got fired up. They were so inspired by the quality of the workshops, the camaraderie with other artists and the beauty of the pastel medium, that they decided to start a local pastel society of their own! They realized that, without a nearby pastel organization, if they wanted the medium to grow in popularity in the Los Angeles area, they would need to pioneer one. So they returned home and, over the next two years, planted the seeds with other area pastelists, held a few meetings, and the rest is history. To this day, they are grateful for the enthusiasm and support they have received from other artists like themselves as well as from neighboring pastel societies and IAPS.

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