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You can always do more, but never less.

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I don't do drugs, I am drugs - Salvidor Dali


Paris Igraine grew up in a family torn apart by their egos which eventually landed her as a teenage ward of the West Virginia state. Her tortured childhood permeated her early adult life, manifesting as the disease of addiction. This has greatly influenced her art and will always affect her life. She paints mostly these melancholy, dark and sometimes sarcastic subjects, but somehow manages to give off the occasional glimmer of hope that may pervade a tumultuous life...Her tumultuous life, often likened to that of a literal shit storm. As much pain that goes into recalling these scenes of horror and degredation, still she paints the exposition of her life, in the hopes that perhaps another addict might come across her work, and perhaps not feel so alone in this world. Help is here for the taking, but it is really up to you to find a place amongst the stars.

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