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I consider people to be the most challenging, yet rewarding subjects to paint.  Unlike inanimate objects, the painting of a person reflects both the artist and sitter and requires a personal interaction and response from both.        A portrait should do more than simply tell us what the person looks like.  It should convey something of the character, personality and temperament of the subject.  At the same time, a portrait is the interpretation of a person, and is not intended to be a photographic representation, merely a "likeness", creatively expressed.      I paint in pastels; a dry medium used for centuries by artist such as Degas, Mary Cassett and Quentin de La Tour. I have always loved the way pastels can render the softness of human skin, especially in children.    Pastels are made from finely ground pigments bound together with a small quantity of gum tragacanth to form a stiff paste and allowed to harden.  The word pastel comes from the Italian word for pastello, which means paste.  Pastels are extremely durable and permanent, and therefore will not fade, turn yellow or deteriorate.  They are fragile, however until they are framed properly, after which they will last indefinitely.  There are pastel paintings on display around the world that are hundreds of years old, but are still as vibrant as the day they were painted.

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