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  • Price Range: $175.00 - $3,600.00
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Hello, we are Pamm and Dave Iannazzo, partners in life,  as well as business.  We own and operate The Great Frame Up and Artists' Gallery in Longmont, Colorado.  We live in the foothills west  of Lyons, Colorado on over eight gorgeous acres in a funky little mountain  cottage with our two dogs, Max and Taz.  And, oh yeah, we manage to produce some really great artwork in our spare time...

Pamm Iannazzo Artist's Biography
I grew up in northern Minnesota, where the opening of fishing season is a holiday, married my love, who not only can wire a house but takes awesome photographs, got a degree in fine art and embarked on a career in the art and framing world believing that it was helpful to have a consistent paycheck and yet I could still be involved in the arts. 
In 1990 we quit our jobs and traveled the western states, looking for adventure with the eventual plan to settle in  Boulder, CO where Dave could finish his degree and become a passionate and dedicated engineer, highly thought of and widely admired. Despite vowing never to work retail again, I was again working in picture framing since Dave had a new hobby, wallpapering the bedroom with rejection notices since there were no tech jobs at the time.  But now I was working at The Great Frame  Up and people in Colorado seemed to enjoy each other.  We so enjoyed the concept, that in 1995 we opened our own store in Longmont, CO, then our hometown, and in 1999 purchased the Boulder store giving us each one (his and hers).  Subsequently we moved the Longmont store to its current location.  This move facilitated our dream of having our own gallery showcasing original work from folks with similar passions and looking for a place to share their vision. 
I began to paint again.  [...]

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