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Pam’s love of the natural world and wildlife that she experienced growing up in rural WI led to her interest in capturing images by close observation, photographing, or sometimes by “hiding out” from her 6 brothers in the apple trees in the backyard in order to sketch. She would dream of someday being an artist and painting the things she loved to draw.  When it came to choosing a University, she found one that earned her a BSN degree for a profession that would allow her to help others, support family needs, and also pay for art supplies and art classes. 
A class in the early 1990’s at the West Bend Art Museum was instrumental in supporting her art focus.  Pam was inspired by her early instructors; Shelby Keefe, Mary Ulm Mayhew, and Dan Gerhartz, to name a few.  She feels fortunate to have had such talent in her community!  They in turn shared knowledge gleaned from their own mentors and introduced her to resources and works of the Old Masters that inspired their work.  All were generous in sharing knowledge and advice to hone her skills. 
Her passion for oil painting grew as did the number of her art friends, art books, and workshops around the country.  Pam’s love of plein air (outdoor) painting combined her talents with her love of the outdoors.  Pam feels grateful for those who have guided her artistic journey and especially for her own family who encouraged and supported this lifelong dream.  So many beautiful landscapes fill her heart and inspire her works on canvas.

When describing her painting process Pam explains;
"To be out in nature's splendor can be overwhelming. I must make quick decisions to capture the moment. Working in oils allows me to quickly blend my colors on my palette and canvas. The juicy paint allows my [...]

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