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Pamela York grew up in a military family and lived all over the U.S.  They were rarely in one city more than four years, and so learned to adapt to their environment very quickly.  When she was in her early teens, they were transferred to San Diego, California, where she met and married her native San Diegan husband.
York has taken photographs from the time she was a young girl and says it is hard to remember a time when she didn’t own a camera of some type.  In high school she took a black and white photography class and the first time York saw an image appear on that blank sheet of paper floating in a chemical bath, she described it as one of the most magical things she had ever seen.  The photography class was one of her favorite high school experiences.
York didn’t pursue photography as a career but did return to it in earnest in her early forties.  Her mother-in-law was facing a serious illness and the family needed assistance in her care at the same time York’s son was starting middle school and they didn’t want him in an empty house for several hours every day, so she took a job closer to home and reduced her work hours.  This resulted in York being able to take a black and white photography workshop and she found she enjoyed it just as much as an adult as she had as a teenager.
Some of the more experienced photographers in the workshop encouraged York to continue her pursuit of photography.  York took additional courses, workshops and did online training sessions in order to hone her skills and continues to do so.  York was also fortunate to have connected with a local photography group who were heavily involved in group exhibitions of [...]

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