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Seeker  of the LOVE that painted the bow and glittered the black with HOPE and AWE.


Pamela Jacques' passion is the healing transforming gift of beauty, illumination and love. An artist for a lifetime she grew in love with paint and the outdoors through wanderings on the Appalachian trail and a mother who was an artist.  Mixed media and exploration of new materials  produces works of intuitive impressionism  with themes from nature.
A counselor for over 30 years and an artist for a lifetime using creativity as a healing vehicle has been a way of life. During the last decade Pamela Jacques has spent her days walking the halls of death row, counseling the criminally insane, severely mentally ill and those going through detox or hospice care while within maximum security confinement. During that time she has had opportunity to use her passion for the healing transformative power of  creativity conducting art groups and live painting during events.  “One of my most profound moments was when during a group painting fall scenes the men grabbed glitter to splash across their compositions.  From that moment I have kept red glitter on my desk to remind me there is magic everywhere.  Even in prison.” She is in the process of creating a series of works to express the last decade behind the walls with hope of humanizing those society would rather forget, impacting prison reform and treatment of the mentally ill. 
Pamela has been a speaker and live painter at conferences, community events and a TedX contributor at Graterford Prison.  She was artistic director for a worship arts team for 15 years ascribing her love for dynamic flowing color to costume and dance garments. She studied illustration at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Theology at Carn University and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Pennsylvania.  She has been the recipient of several awards for mixed media works and [...]

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